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Jun 23, 2022

How to include secondary Jekyll website using submodule


The technique explained in this article expects that you own an HTTP server that you can run ruby/bundler on and build your Jekyll site on. This technique is not available for GitHub Pages. this post on

May 22, 2022

Use "source" Jekyll configuration to avoid deployment mistake

Read the article on

Are you troubled with the cluttered project root for your jekyll site? Read on. this post on

May 15, 2022

I became tired of making manual deployment mistakes and this happened

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This is the story of how I decided to automate the download process of Unity Cloud Build artifacts.

Clpsplug/ucb-webhook-receiver on GitHub this post on

Apr 25, 2022

My works are available in RGMES3!

Two of my works is available in the latest compilation from Physitaker, “RGMES3 -monochromatone-“.
Buy the compilation, and you are allowed to use the included songs for your own music games! this post on

Apr 24, 2022

Started my blog

Here, I’ll be posting the event info and stuff like that. this post on

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