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Nov 10, 2022

The compilation is now on sale at BOOTH!

The compilation I wrote about in this blog is now on sale at pixiv BOOTH!

Fruits Cooktail - 北大DTMサークルNMPASS - BOOTH

2022秋M3にて頒布したアルバム、[Fruits Cooktail]のダウンロード版です。 果物をテーマに部員が作曲したオリジナル楽曲を10曲収録しています。 ロング版のクロスフェードはリンクよりご覧いただけます。 this post on

Oct 30, 2022

New Song Alert!


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You can still listen to this track via official site or app.

Listen on SoundCloud this post on

Jul 19, 2022

Creating Custom Tags in Jekyll, with an actual example

Read the article on is a “service for concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format, which can easily be included in GitHub readmes or any other web page.” Quality metadata badges for open source projects

Pixel-perfect   Retina-ready   Fast   Consistent   Hackable   No tracking...

Their service takes query parameters to their API endpoint to generate a badge / shield. For example:


My GitHub

I was planning to use this in this website, when I realized a problem; it is hard to maintain. While it may be rare to change the content of those shields, it would be nice to have a maintainable way to put a shield on my blog. this post on

Jun 23, 2022

How to include secondary Jekyll website using submodule


The technique explained in this article expects that you own an HTTP server that you can run ruby/bundler on and build your Jekyll site on. This technique is not available for GitHub Pages. this post on

May 22, 2022

Use "source" Jekyll configuration to avoid deployment mistake

Read the article on

Are you troubled with the cluttered project root for your jekyll site? Read on. this post on

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