Did you know I sell stock music?

Well, this is a shameless plug but this is my blog, so here goes;

Did you notice that the sidebar on this blog now has an ad?

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Don’t worry, this is not a tracking ad. It is a static ad that I’ve placed. Audiostock is a website where I sell some “stock music.”

What’s stock music?

If you have heard of a “stock photo,” it’s the similar concept but it’s a piece of music instead of a photograph.

What I sell there is a “license” for music that I made which can be used for (almost) any purposes. YouTube videos, games, stuff like that. Heck, even you can make money out of what you make with it!

Your purchase supports me!

Have you got a project you need some music? Head to my Audiostock store and have a listen to the samples.


C. Plug's Profile | Audiostock

This is C. Plug's profile page. Check out his/her items.

*) Your purchase supports me! When you buy these samples, I (or the other creators) earn money from them! I appreciate your support!