My hobby project of a game where you fill the board and make complete lines to rack up points.
This game is currently in beta - macOS/Windows versions are planned.


Input Control
Mouse Drag and drop Move a piece onto the field
Mouse left single click & right single click Rotate a piece (CW & CCW, can be inverted in settings)


Place the PIECES, consisting of various number of blocks, below the FIELD, and fill rows and columns! Complete rows and columns are removed for big score.

All pieces can be rotated.
New pieces spawn as soon as you use up all the three pieces.
When there are nowhere to place the pieces you have and you cannot use any skills (see below), your game ends.

As you progress through the game, you may find a block doing a barrel roll and turning into a ‘golden block’.
These golden blocks must be removed twice.

The color of the block corresponds to the skill gauges on the right; blocks in the completed rows and columns are stocked in the gauge of the same color, and when the gauge reaches at least Lv. 1, you can use the following skills:

Color Skill
Red Blasts the blocks away in the area you click on.
Yellow Removes the rows or columns which the arrow you click on points at.
Green Randomly adds blocks on the field. Completed rows/columns counts.
Blue Swaps one of the pieces below with a different one.
Purple All blocks of the same color as the one of the block you clicked on are removed.

Some skills have levels (or tiers), each level making it stronger.
But beware, once you use the skill, you cannot use the same skill unless you use up all the pieces below the field.


Complete as many rows and columns at once for bonuses:

  • Faster skill charges
  • Score multiplier bonuses

Golden blocks, when involved in a row/column clear, adds to the gauge below the score multiplier. When this gets full, you receive some score multiplier.

Consecutive row/column clears within certain number of pieces begins a combo, which gives you more points, and sometimes, score multiplier.

Beware not to spam the skills - all the skills cost score multiplier when used.